Do you own or manage an accounting firm? Would you like more enquiries via your website? To get more enquiries, it stands to reason that you need visitors. To get online visitors, you need your website to be visible on the search engines. That’s where we can help you here at Clarity Content. We create unique and engaging website content for accountants. The content is written with SEO in mind and will help your site climb higher.

Whilst we’re not an SEO company, we are going to give you the biggest piece of advice that SEO companies don’t want you to know. One of the best ways to get your website to rank in Google or other search engines is to have new content continually created and uploaded to your website. This process has to be frequent, it can’t be lots of content added in one month then nothing new uploaded for a year.

Here at Clarity Content, we specialise in creating quality website content for accountants which is written in a way to help give your site a boost in the search engines. We focus on particular keywords/phrases each week and write blogs around those. If this process is kept up for 3-6 months at a minimum you will start to see positive results in the search engines. Higher rankings = more visitors = more enquiries = more profit. All thanks to the simple process of writing weekly blogs/articles.

But How and Why?!

OK, let us for argument sake just take Google as an example. Google loves content, their entire algorithm is based around providing users with references to sites which are most relevant to their search. But how does it do this? By indexing all the content that’s available from every website, that’s how (they’re called spiders). The more content you have available on your site that’s new, the more times Google will crawl your site to index the new content. Over time, this content ranks well if it is written around your ideal keywords and phrases and it is written in enough detail to be construed as helpful to potential visitors. For example, you can’t just write pages of keywords with not content (keyword stuffing). The great thing is as well, if this process is done correctly, your website will never be penalised in future updates as this is a ‘white hat’ approach.

Although we have made this sound really simple (because it is), the process is time-consuming. That’s why by outsourcing the content creation to us, we will take care of it for you. Now, we are not saying that writing content is the only secret to SEO, there are lots of other variables, however, for local SEO, e.g, if you want to rank for a search term such as ‘accountants in *insert location*’, then you will be amazed at what some carefully constructed SEO focused articles and blogs can do.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business with our SEO website content for accountants, then please get in touch today. You can also request a free SEO article from us online to see what you can expect from us.